Following Burger King, Jeep’s Twitter was hacked

This is what Jeep\'s profile lookd like as of 2 p.m. EST Feb. 19, 2013. (Courtesy Twitter)

WASHINGTON – One day after Burger King’s Twitter account was hacked, it appears Jeep is the next victim. A Chrysler spokesperson, which owns Jeep, acknowledged its account was compromised for about an hour until the company that handles its social media gained control.

Similar to the Burger King hack on Monday, Feb. 18, the Jeep profile photo changed to promote the brand’s competitor and tweets sent out were degrading and potentially damaging to Jeep’s products and message.

For example, the site tweeted a message insinuating that Jeep’s management does drugs and accompanied the tweet with a photo. Hackers also posted that the Jeep brand had been sold to Cadillac because employees had been caught using pills. They also posted that there would be no more Jeep production.

Chrysler spokesman Ed Garsten says the company’s social media agency got help from Twitter to regain control of the account. He doesn’t think the brand name was damaged by the Tweets because most people know it was a prank.

There is no telling if the person or group who hacked Burger King’s account has hacked Jeep’s, but on the rewritten description on Jeep’s Twiter profile, there was a reference to Burger King’s Whopper sandwich.

On Twitter, Jeep followers took notice and the presumably hacked Jeep account retweeted them:

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