Bar Pilar: Stop stealing our copper mugs

Customers have walked off with all but five of their 100 copper mugs. (Courtesy of Bar Pilar)

WASHINGTON – To the sticky-fingered patrons who just can’t keep their paws of Bar Pilar’s copper mugs, the restaurant has a message for you: Please stop.

Bar manager Jonathan Fain told Washington City Paper that almost all of the 100 mugs used to make Moscow Mules have been pilfered by customers. Only five remain.

“If it looks good, people take them,” he told the weekly.

Because of the rampant thievery, Fain says he has considered bringing in the police to the Northwest D.C. eatery. The only trouble with that is taking 45 minutes away from his daily duties as a manager.

So, he has come up with another idea: Charge customers a refundable $25 deposit if they want to sip their Moscow Mule out of the special cup.

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