With smaller 2013 paychecks, tips for getting extra money

The Huffington Post offers some ways to get your money back.

The suggestions include adjusting your IRS withholding — money you’ve been getting for refunds might be more useful now.

Eating out less, and reducing the number of trips to the coffeehouse are fairly easy ways to wring a few more bucks out of your take home.

Your antique iPhone, or especially a more recent one, can fetch a couple hundred dollars. And, there’s a market for reselling other used electronics.

Monthly expenses including cellphone, gym memberships, and cable TV may seem tough to give up. But even if you don’t cut one out completely, you might have some wiggle room to reduce your monthly payments.

The list also suggest giving up on playing the lottery. The chance of winning is so infinitesimal, experts call lotto “the math tax.”

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