Some ATMs to offer $1 and $5 bills (VIDEO)

Which would you prefer: A $2 fee or a 15-second commercial? (AP)

WASHINGTON – Forget twenties and fifties, dollar bills are coming to an ATM near you.

PNC and Chase are introducing ATMs that will dispense $5 bills and even $1 bills, reports.

Chase plans to dispense coins at its machines, which would allow customers to cash a check and receive exact change without visiting a bank branch teller.

A Chase presentation to investors last year said the bank aims to give customers the ability to perform more than 90 percent of teller transactions via self-service kiosk.

NBC reports that Chase has installed about 400 of these small bill machines.

PNC has upgraded more than 3,600 of its ATMs to dispense the smaller bills. It expects to have the rest upgraded by the end of the summer, reports CNN Money.

Both banks charge a $3 service fee for non-account holders.

YouTube user Brendan Nee uploaded this video of his costly $1 transaction in D.C.:

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