New app ‘Bang with Friends’ draws criticism, concern

How "Bang with Friends" works and how to block it

wtopstaff | November 14, 2014 5:30 pm

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WASHINGTON – It’s called “Bang with Friends,” a new Facebook app meant to connect people for casual sex. The app only launched a week ago and is receiving a flurry of criticism, however it already has 20,000 users.

The creators, who want to remain anonymous, justify their site as one that lets users connect for what they want, if that’s all they want.

“By being honest and forward, we’re taking the no bulls**t approach [to sex],” they told the Daily Beast.

The “Bang with Friends” app only notifies couples, who are already friends on Facebook, when both parties want to get together, says Ken Moskowitz of the Data Doctors. But he questions whether an app is needed at all for this type of connection.

“This app has some very damaging side effects. First of all, people don’t communicate anymore. There’s just, ‘Okay, I’m going to click a button and suddenly we’re going to meet for casual sex.’ It’s kind of a really scary app,” Moskowitz says.

While the creators say they’re marketing to users in their 20s, recent college graduates and people in college, Moskowitz expects younger Facebook users will find a way to sign up.

“So many teenagers are on Facebook. And you know that they’re going to be tempted,” he says.

Parents concerned that their children’s interest could expose them to a pornographic app want to know how to block it. Moskowitz says it’s easy to do.

“You just log into Facebook. In the app center, on the left-hand side of your page, you search for the app. When you see the app, you can click on it. You’ll have a few options, one of them is to block the app and it’ll never show up again,” he says.

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