Metro nearly sells out of commemorative SmarTrip cards

Here\'s what the Obama fare card looks like. (Courtesy of WMATA)

WASHINGTON – Metro has nearly sold out its commemorative inaugural SmarTrip cards.

The transit agency says as of 2 p.m. Sunday that there a few thousand of the cards left at the Metro Center sales office in downtown D.C., but there are long lines to pick up the cards.

Metro sells the commemorative all-day passes for $15 with an image of President Barack Obama. Passengers can load more money onto the cards and reuse them after the inauguration. The agency ordered 100,000 of the cards.

Commemorative paper farecards are still available at any station for $14. They are also all-day passes to use on Metrorail and Metrobuses.

The transit agency is urging those who travel to Monday’s inauguration to use SmarTrip debit cards rather than paper farecards, which cost more and are slower to use.

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