Laura Tsaggaris’ ‘Everyman’ takes surprising turns

Local singer-songwriter Laura Tsaggaris will celebrate her new album \'Everyman\' with a concert Saturday at the Hamilton. (Courtesy of Laura Tsaggaris)

Tim Bracken,

WASHINGTON – Local singer-songwriter Laura Tsaggaris has been performing across the country for more than 10 years, and she is now poised to push into the mainstream with her new album “Everyman.”

Released Jan. 22, the album is Tsaggaris’ most polished effort to date. The songs lean mostly toward alt-country, but there are also many hallmarks of pop and rock embedded throughout the collection.

Producer Jamie Candiloro’s arrangements sit perfectly behind the singer’s powerful vocals.

Candiloro, who also plays drums and bass on the album, procured some serious talent to round out the sound of “Everyman,” including pedal steel guitarist Marty Rifkin and instrumentalist Doug Pettibone.

Alt-country legend Ryan Adams also makes an appearance.

“Jamie is friends with Ryan,” Tsaggaris says. “He stopped by while we were working and liked some of what he heard.”

Adams ended up singing backup vocals on two songs including the album’s strong opening track “Dig.”

Other standout tracks include the infectious pop gem “I Am Not in Control,” the soul-influenced “Seized” and the ballad “Finish What You Started.”

Each musical turn that “Everyman” takes is a pleasant surprise. Tsaggaris handily tackles the tasks of crooning, belting out and everything in between – all to great effect.

The musicians on the album exhibit the fine art of restraint – playing only what is required to elevate the song’s impact.

“We focused a lot on playing live together,” Tsaggaris explains. “I think that really came through in the songs, as far as having that organic feel.”

An album release concert is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 2 at The Hamilton in the District.

The concert will feature several guest performers, including local troubadour Justin Jones.

“I’m really excited,” Tsaggaris says. “I’ve put a lot of work into this album, so I really just want it to be a celebration.”

Considering the caliber of Tsaggaris’ songs and the loyalty of her growing fan base, her efforts are likely to be celebrated for years to come.

Listen to the entire album below:


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