How to be part of WTOP’s inaugural coverage

Neal Augenstein,

WASHINGTON – With improvements in smartphones and the explosion of social media, WTOP would like to include what you see and experience on Inauguration Day in its coverage.

If you’d like to be part of Team WTOP, you might want to set up your smartphone today, so you’ll be ready Monday.

Here’s what to do:

Here’s how to help on Twitter:

Let’s say the Metro parking lot you arrive at Monday morning is full. Tweet it, including your location and #WTOP in your under-140 character Twitter message.

After you launch the Twitter app on your phone, your tweet might look like this:


That way, anyone using Twitter who searches #WTOP will find your helpful heads-up, and choose another parking lot.

The WTOP newsroom also will be monitoring #WTOP, so your tweet can be integrated into WTOP’s on-air and online coverage.

Here’s another scenario: let’s say when you get downtown you come across a vendor dressed as Abraham Lincoln.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, snap one, and include it in your tweet. Once you download your mobile Twitter app, you’ll see how to easily attach a photo. And don’t forget to use #WTOP in your tweet.

Here’s how to be a part of our coverage on Facebook:

Launch the Facebook app on your phone, and search for the WTOP Radio page.

Under each story is a Comment option, click on that, and type in your observation or thoughts.

On Instagram

Download the Instagram app from iTunes or from Google Play.

Take photos and upload them to your Instagram account. Put #WTOP in your caption.


You’ll be able to upload your inauguration photos to WTOP’s Inauguration 2013 gallery.

If email is your only option:

You can send your information and pictures to The downside of that is only we in the newsroom can see what you send, unlike with Twitter and Facebook, in which you’re helping others real-time.

See some of your coverage here.

Thanks in advance for being part of WTOP’s coverage.

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