D.C. residents still looking for inauguration weekend renters

Stephanie Steinberg, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – When Michael Filippello put his infamous row house on Craiglist for a three-night stay during the 2009 inauguration, the response was instant.

After weeding through several inquiries, Filippello settled on a man from California who offered $2,000 to rent the first floor of his Capitol Hill home — the same home where Miami Herald reporters caught former Senator and presidential candidate Gary Hart in the midst of an extramarital affair in 1987.

As soon as President Barack Obama was re-elected, Filippello and his husband put their residence back on the rental market in hopes of making some money again. But with the ceremony a few days away, they still don’t have any bites.

“We’ve been a little surprised at how long it’s taken,” Filippello says. “We started at the original price we did last (time), and we’ve brought it down to $400 a night.”

While there was frenzy over renting homes and apartments before Obama’s inauguration in 2009, realtors in the D.C. area say the interest has drastically died down.

“Before it was like house swap —