Charge it: New rules for cellphone batteries

WASHINGTON – Technology today is pretty advanced – but it isn’t just in the medical field or the Mars rover Curiosity. No, it’s right in your hand.

Cellphones don’t have all the problems they used to, according to the Data Doctors, and the old rules when it comes to charging have changed.

Originally, phones contained nickel-cadium or nickel metal hydride batteries. The common advice for those batteries was to let them run completely out of power before recharging. New batteries though are lithium based. Not only is it unnecessary to let them drain before a charge – the discharge should be limited to once a month.

It’s also a good idea to charge batteries through a computer’s USB port if possible. The low voltage is better on long-term battery life.

More advice: Don’t leave a phone in the hot sun. More than anything, this will harm the battery. Overall, most batteries have 300 to 500 charges.

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