The truth about the common cold

WASHINGTON – ‘Tis the season to get a cold. But before you get yourself too freaked out, let’s debunk some myths with the help of Shine from Yahoo!.

Take a lot of vitamin C

Nope. Get sleep and drink lots of fluids. For the most part your body is just going to dispense the extra vitamin C.

Chicken soup speeds recovery

The jury is still out on whether it actually helps you get better faster. But soup may make you “feel” better.

Milk causes mucus

Milk can give the sensation of mucus production, but it doesn’t actually do anything like that. If you want, bring on the dairy.

Wet hair and an open window will cause a cold

Colds are caught from viruses, not actual cold. It’s probably uncomfortable to sleep with wet hair, but not bad for your health.

Flu shot = flu

Vaccines are not 100 percent effective, but they themselves do not cause someone to get the flu.

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