The battle of the sexes, airplane edition

Kathy Stewart,

WASHINGTON – When it comes to flying, men and women are altitudes apart.

The Wall Street Journal reports that males and females have differences of opinion when it comes to air travel, from luggage choices to seat selections.

The article states that men often choose to carry on their luggage because waiting for luggage slows them down. Meanwhile, women say they have to check bags due to cosmetics and toiletries that won’t fit in the TSA regulated quart-sized plastic bags.

Once on the plane, The Wall Street Journal reports that most women love the window seat. Men usually grab an aisle seat so they can stretch out their lumbering limbs. Even so, men still love looking out the window, while their feminine counter-parts love pulling down the shade in order to read.

Choices in entertainment are split, as well. Women tend to tune in to the in-flight movies, while men go with news or sports.

For more information on the list of air travel differences, read the full article on The Wall Street Journal.

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