Ready for a new toll in Maryland?

Michelle Basch,

WASHINGTON – A new toll could be added one of the D.C. region’s busy roads, if a state lawmaker gets his way.

The idea is to add a new toll at the Maryland border with Pennsylvania along U.S. Route 15, and it comes in a bill introduced by Maryland Sen. Ron Young.

He wants the money to help pay for three road projects, including a Route 15 interchange at Monocacy Boulevard north of the city of Frederick, and the widening of Route 15 in the city of Frederick from two to three lanes in each direction.

TollRoads News reports both of these projects are basically on hold because of a lack of money to pay for them.

The third project would involve other upgrades to Route 15 between Frederick and the Pennsylvania line.

The bill is scheduled for a first reading Jan. 9th.

A plan for new tolls at another busy border in our region has been getting a lot of attention.

That one calls for tolls on I-95 at the Virginia-North Carolina line.

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