Prices on some expensive items may drop in 2013

WASHINGTON – Looking for brighter, more optimistic skies in 2013? Some things will be cheaper.

The Wall Street Journal reports that used cars in particular will be more affordable, down 1 to 2 percent into March and down as much as 3 to 4 percent by November. New compact and subcompact cars in the $25,000 and under range will be loaded with features that used to be found only in full-size and luxury cars.

Another essential that’s likely to drop in price in the new year is TV. Cable won’t be cheaper, but as Netflix and Amazon gain partnerships to stream movies and TV shows, more people are likely to turn to free and cheaper options.

Flat-screen TVs have become cheaper for manufacturers to churn out. Average prices for TVs with 32-inch screens have fallen nearly 50 percent since 2010 and retailers are likely to drop prices even further. That may spur some people to spend more on a bigger screen. Some may be able to pay what they would have paid two years ago for a 32-inch set and pick up a 55-inch set instead.

Then there’s digital media. Prices for electronic editions of books have often been cheaper that their physical counterparts and are likely to be even more so in 2013.

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