Maryland police, schools train for shooting scenarios

WASHINGTON – Police in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties say residents will likely spot more police cars around schools, but urge locals not to be alarmed.

The increase in patrol is not a result of any specific threat. It is just part of the larger security strategy that schools started using after the shootings at Columbine High School in 1999.

Area police departments have coordinated with schools on safety drills, which take place several times a year. In July, Prince George’s County police and the Prince George’s County Fire Department staged a drill at an area high school, which included a drill for an active shooter scenario.

In addition to training for an immediate threat, schools also work with parents to make sure that reliable information gets to them as soon as possible and that reuniting students with parents can be as orderly as possible.

Police say area residents should not hesitate to call them if they ever see anything suspicious around a school.

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