Clip shows eagle snatching child … or does it? (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Wednesday – 12/19/2012, 10:27am ET

WASHINGTON – The verdict is in on the validity of the video. If you would like to know, follow this link.

EARLIER: Wednesday – 12/19/2012, 10:27am ET

WASHINGTON – Hide your kids. Maybe even hide your wife.

That’s what you should do if you live in Montreal and believe what’s depicted on the YouTube video below. In the clip, a golden eagle swoops down in a field and tries to snatch away a small child – only to drop the kid after a few feet of flying.

The clip looks realistic, and even includes the surprised cameraman swearing and running to the scene. It’s gotten more than 1 million views since being published Tuesday.

However, The Huffington Post notes some have found apparent faults with the video that may be evidence it’s a fake. For example, skeptics say the eagle’s shadow disappears at one point in the clip, as does the eagle’s wing in another.

Check out HuffPo’s user-generated analysis and let us know in the poll to the right: Do you think the video is real or fake?

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