Heel racers hot-tail it across the finish line in Dupont Circle

Sandy delayed the annual High Heel Race but crowds packed the Dupont Circle area Thursday to cheer on the feather-clad racers.

Michelle Basch, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – After a two-day delay brought on by Sandy, crowds packed the Dupont Circle area Thursday night to watch the 26th annual High Heel Race.

Men in fabulous costumes posed in front of spectators lining 17th Street between P and S streets.

In order to be eligible to win, every racer has to wear shoes with a heel of at least two inches.

Drag queen Felicia Beefeater, dressed like the Beefeater on the gin bottle of the same name, described the height of her heels as “only four inches.”

“They’re very reasonable. They’re very athletic, if you will. Six inches is when I’m pushing it,” she says.

The race itself was over in a flash, but flashes from cellphone cameras kept going and going as competitors strutted their stuff for eagar spectators.

Michael Moore, who dressed as Cruella De Vil, confessed that his underwear was a little tight.

“You know, I’m the De Vil, but Spanx are the devil I’ve found out,” he said with a laugh.

I asked drag queen Birdie LaCage to describe her extravagant outfit made from feathers, fur and fishnets.

“It looks like I plucked the last few birds before they flew south and put them on my head, and then shaved some squirrels and wore them as a bolero jacket with some fishnets and some heels,” she says.

“The outfit really took no time at all, it’s the face that takes a little time to put on with a little spackle and hot glue,” LaCage joked.

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