Artist campaigns for a Thanksgiving Day eel

Yum? (AP)

Brennan Haselton,

WASHINGTON – It’s slimy, fatty and at least one person thinks it should be coming to a Thanksgiving table near you.

Not everyone likes the taste of turkey, and that includes Seattle artist Drew Christie. So, in an animated op-ed piece he created for The New York Times, he says, “I propose we return the eel to its rightful place as the Thanksgiving meat staple.”

That’s right, eel, which Christie says historians agree was probably served at the first Thanksgiving dinner.

Christie narrates the op-ed cartoon and even includes members of his family, who quickly shoot down the eel-instead-of-a-bird idea.

One says, “They’re ugly. They’re not attractive,” while another chimes in, “I don’t like slimy things.”

The cartoon is fun to watch, but Christie might find himself eating alone come Thursday.

To watch the cartoon, follow this link.

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