$7 Starbucks coffee: Could you tell the difference? (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON – Starbucks is adding a fancy $7 premium cup of coffee to its menu in some stores, but will American taste buds be able to distinguish the Costa Rica Finca Palmilera from regular $2 coffee?

Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t think so. In a recent episode of his nightly talk show, people on the street were asked to blind-test two samples of coffee to see if they could tell which one was the new brew.

After the first participant gave her answer, Kimmel confessed that neither was the new premium coffee. In fact, the two cups were just regular coffee from the same pot.

Still, nearly all of the taste-test participants shown picked one cup of coffee over the other.

A half-pound bag of this coffee costs $40 and is available only in 46 Starbucks stores, The Los Angeles Times reports. A similar type of coffee sold out online within 24 hours of being listed.

Watch the clip from the show below:

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