Your office is a germ ranch

Don\'t use your finger. Use your elbow. (WTOP/Colleen Kelleher)

WASHINGTON – Warning: After reading this, you may never eat lunch as your desk again.

During the week adults spend most of their waking hours at work — where they encounter some of the germiest things, reports Occupational Health & Safety.

Since flu season is here, it’s time to get ready by knowing where the veritable “germ ranches” are and how to fight back.

Telephones, elevator buttons, water fountains, keyboards and bathrooms are the worst offenders.

Water fountain spigots harbor nearly 3 million bacteria. Bringing water from home can help cut down your flu risk.

Elevators, keyboards and phones, things that multiple people touch a day, also hold thousands of germs. Use sanitizing wipes for keyboards and phones and try to press elevator buttons with an elbow.

For more statistics on the health hazards at work, check out this infographic from LearnStuff.

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