Thousands walk in D.C. to support cancer cure

Neal Augenstein,

WASHINGTON – Thousands dressed in pink, telling stories of survival and determined to walk 60 miles through the weekend, are participating in the annual Susan G. Komen 3-Day.

Most of those gathered at the D.C. Armory have some previous connection with breast cancer. All say they hope to find a cure.

Tricia Bedenbender is walking with her mother.

“Today is my mom’s second-year-anniversary of being cancer-free,” she said.

Her mother, Sherry Morgan, will never forget the moment she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“When you’re told you have something like that, you always think it happens to someone else,” she said.

Even after initial screening showed potential problems, Morgan avoided confronting cancer.

“I didn’t really think that’s what it would be. I didn’t really believe that would be me.”

Walking with her sister and a friend, Taylor Tucker says breast cancer is a danger that can often be avoided.

“You constantly think of it as a woman, because it’s so prevalent. The walk is one of the things that puts it in your mind.”

Her sister, Elizabeth Stamper, says mammograms provide valuable information, early in the cancer process.

“You wouldn’t know. You don’t get sick, like you do with the flu,” she says.

Stamper says one screening came back questionable.

“They immediately called and want you back ASAP. That’s scary. You don’t know. That 24-hour period is not fun.”

Further testing showed she had nothing to worry about.

“The quicker you get in, the easier it is to take care of it,” said Stamper.

Walker Seal Wilson is participating for her daughter and four nieces.

“I want it eradicated. I want them to grow up and not even know what breast cancer is. I want it off their plate, to not have to worry about it.”

Walkers will cover 60 miles over three days in the fundraising walk, ending Sunday afternoon in a ceremony at the Washington Monument.

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