Renovations Still Underway at AMC Theater in Courthouse

A major renovation project is underway at the AMC movie theater at Courthouse Plaza (2150 Clarendon Blvd), although the company has thus far declined to discuss it.

The renovations have been underway for at least two months. The lower level theaters have already been remodeled and, according to one customer, now feature plush, adjustable leather seats with footrests, as well as terraced rows of seating that make it easier to see the screen over the person sitting in front of you. With the lower theaters complete, renovations to the upper theaters are now underway.

Meanwhile, improvements to the lobby can be seen through the theater’s front entrance. Changes appear to include updated decor, a new snack counter and new Coke freestyle machines. We’re told the renovated lobby is expected to open tomorrow (Friday).

The multiplex has remained open during the construction.

Similar renovations were reported at an AMC theater in Atlanta earlier this year. Those changes included the addition of a bar that served beer, wine and cocktails that patrons could take to their seats. So far, AMC has not said whether booze is part of its plans for the Courthouse theater.

Multiple emails and phone calls to AMC’s media relations department over the course of the past month have not been returned. The manager of the theater declined to answer questions about the renovations and would not allow to take photos inside.


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