Police create new traffic patterns for Nats playoff games

WASHINGTON – For those planning to go to the Nationals’ playoff games, the best option to get to the ball park is public transportation.

But Cathy Lanier, D.C.’s police chief, says it won’t be like regular season games for those who drive there.

More roads around the ball park will be closed and traffic patterns will change for the playoffs. Lanier says traffic signals will stay green longer for outbound traffic.

“We are implementing an expedited flow coming out of the stadium at the end of the games,” she says. “Typically we put it in place before the end of the game.”

In addition to changing the traffic signals, Lanier says there will be officers directing traffic on all the streets around the ballpark.

“We do a really good job getting you out of the first several blocks, but then it starts to back up,” Lanier says. “We’ve extended the light timing and we’re going to add some traffic control folks to help pull that traffic through to get it out of the area.”

Speaking on WTOP’s Ask the Chief program, Lanier also warned fans to be careful where they park, especially on neighborhood streets nearby.

“Be cautious, because they will have tow trucks out there and they will tow you.”

WTOP’s Mark Segraves contributed to this report. Follow Mark and WTOP on Twitter.

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