Obama photobombed by young smoocher

WASHINGTON – Romance stole the show at an unplanned photo op with President Barack Obama on Tuesday.

As the president posed with a group of children at the Daughter of Zion Jr. Academy in Delray Beach, Fla., a young Romeo seated a few rows behind him photobombed the president, reports Yahoo.

The school’s students reportedly were standing outside to wave when the president’s motorcade passed, and were surprised when he stopped for a personal greeting.

As the president sat among dozens of students, with one kid on each side, the camera clicked, and a bold little boy seized the moment by kissing the girl to his left on the cheek.

The photo was tweeted late Tuesday by the @BarackObama Twitter handle with the title “Photo of the day.”

The photo is above and to the right. The photo in the gallery below is from the same event, and appears – though it’s not confirmed – to show a moment after the kiss.

Yahoo notes that the president’s Republican competitor, Mitt Romney, also ended up with an interesting character in one of his campaign photos. You can see that shot in the gallery as well.

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