US-15 gets new speed cameras at Frederick

WASHINGTON – New speed cameras will pop up for at least two years in Frederick, Md. in an attempt to reduce work-zone crashes.

A two-year project begins Sept. 11 to widen the U.S. Route 15 bridge over Motter Avenue in north Frederick. Speed cameras will enforce the 55 mph speed limit, and issue $45 citations to any drivers traveling more than 12 mph over.

The Maryland State Highway Administration hopes this will continue a shrinking trend of tickets issued to drivers and accidents.

“We’re seeing an all-time low in our work-zone crashes, our work-zone fatalities,” says SHA spokesman David Buck.

In previous years, up to seven drivers per 100 received citations.

“As of this summer that’s down to two out of 100 or less,” he says. “So, they’re effective.”

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