Ticketing begins at new speed camera sites

WASHINGTON – Drivers in D.C. might want to slow down a tad as ticketing at new speed camera locations took effect on Monday.

The cameras, installed at 11 new locations, began sending out warnings on Aug. 1. Now, drivers will be fined between $75 and $250 for speeding infractions, depending on how fast they’re going.

Here are the new locations:

  • 200 block of 17th St NE southbound
  • 1800 block of Harvard St NW northwest-bound
  • 1700 block of North Portal Dr. NW southwest-bound
  • 700 block of Franklin St NE westbound
  • 1400 block of New York Ave NE northeast-bound
  • 3700 block of Massachusetts Ave SE southeast-bound
  • 4300 block of Texas Ave SE southbound
  • 4800 block of Texas Ave SE northbound
  • DC 295 0.4 miles south of Burroughs Ave NE southbound
  • 2200 block of K Street NW westbound
  • 400 block of Riggs Road NE northbound

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