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The most and least stressful jobs

WASHINGTON – What would Labor Day be without jobs?

Work is just that, work. But do you find yourself exasperated by the daily grind, or fulfilled?

CareerCast compiled two top ten lists: Most stressful jobs, and least stressful jobs.

The top stressful jobs were ranked using a variety of factors including amount of travel, hazards encountered, deadlines and competitiveness. Read the full list of factors here.

The top ten least stressful jobs were determined using similar methodology.

Does your job make one of these lists?

Most stressful jobs

    10. Taxi Driver Stress Score: 46.25 Average Income: $22,440

    9. Photojournalist Stress Score: 47.09 Average Income: $40,000

    8. Corporate Executive (Senior) Stress Score: 47.41 Average Income: $165,830

    7. Public Relations Executive Stress Score: 47.56 Average Income: $91,810

    6. Event Coordinator Stress Score: 49.85 Average Income: $45,260

    5. Police Officer Stress Score: 53.63 Average Income: $53,540

    4. Military General Stress Score: 55.17 Average Income: $196,300

    3. Airline Pilot Stress Score: 59.58 Average Income: $103,210

    2. Firefighter Stress Score: 60.26 Average Income: $45,250

    1. Enlisted Soldier Stress Score: 84.61 Average Income: $35,580

Least stressful jobs

    10. Electrical Technician Stress Score: 10.38 Average Income: $56,040

    9. Furniture Upholsterer Stress Score: 10.30 Average Income: $29,960

    8. Dietitian Stress Score: 10.27 Average Income: $53,250

    7. Precision Assembler Stress Score: 9.40 Average Income: $31,250

    6. Audiologist Stress Score: 9.37 Average Income: $66,660

    5. Medical Laboratory Technician Stress Score: 9.33 Average Income: $36,280

    4. Dressmaker-Tailor Stress Score: 8.65 Average Income: $26,560

    3. Hair Stylist Stress Score: 8.63 Average Income: $22,760

    2. Jeweler Stress Score: 8.21 Average Income: $35,170

    1. Medical Records Technician Stress Score: 7.52 Average Income: $32,350

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