Commissioners announce restructuring, name new county manager

Government shakeup starts with Board of Commissioners

wtopstaff | November 14, 2014 1:14 pm

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Frederick County commissioners today announced the naming of a new county manager and a major reorganization in county government.

Lori Depies, the county’s finance division director, will replace Dave Dunn as county manager, according to a noon press release. Dunn now will become a liaison for county commissioners.

The reorganization, which will not involve layoffs, is estimated to save the county $350,000, according to the release.

“We see these changes as a sure way to strengthen our services and also achieve sizable savings for the taxpayers of Frederick County,” Commissioners President Blaine Young said in a prepared statement.

The business development and retention division will become part of the community development division and now will be called the business retention department. Helen Riddle, now acting director of business development and retention, will manage the department.

The TransIT Services Division of Frederick County will move under the umbrella of the citizens services division and will be renamed the TransIT department. Nancy Norris, now the assistant director of TransIT, will step into the role of acting department director, and her current position will be eliminated.

The budget office, now inside the finance division, will become part of the county manager’s office and will be under Depies’ supervision.

Erin White, now the accounting director, will become acting director of the finance division.

The assistant director position in finance will be eliminated, according to the press release.

All changes are effective Oct. 1.

For more on this story, see Saturday’s edition of The Frederick News-Post.

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