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Spinlister connects bicycles with travelers

Those looking to rent a bike in New York can browse Spinlister for their perfect match. (Courtesy of Spinlister)

WASHINGTON – Will Dennis didn’t want to buy a new bike when he was headed to New York City for the summer of 2011. And finding a long-term rental didn’t seem to be an option. That triggered an idea for a way to match travelers with bikes.

So, starting in April, he and his business partner Jeffrey Noh rolled out their business, Spinlister.

Here’s how it works: A bike owner lists his bike with Spinlister. A potential bike-renter scans the selection and looks for the right wheels.

Dennis says prices will vary.

“We have bikes that are kind of a modest cruiser that are on there for $5 or $10 a day,” he says.

But there are also glitzier models that can bring as much as $100 or more. Renters pay by credit card, while listers get paid by check or through Pay-Pal.

Dennis says it’s not just about the bikes. It’s about the social experience as well.

One young woman rented his blue bike, which Dennis dubbed a “Lady Killer.” In her testimonial on his website, she said also it has the reverse effect. She snagged a date while riding it.

For now, Spinlister only operates in New York City and San Francisco, but Dennis says expansion is a possibility, and D.C. is certainly a contender.

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