‘Shark Week’ spawns cuddly, terrifying parody (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON – By now you know it’s Shark Week 2012, the brilliant Discovery Channel creation that’s enthralled millions for 25 years with footage of shark-related mayhem.

But the ocean’s fiercest predators not only have captivated us from the safety of our sofas, they’ve also inspired a whole new breed of fearsome beast. To wit, just strap a cardboard fin on a puppy or kitten and prepare yourself for carnage.

Or at least that’s the idea of budget-constrained Revision3, an Internet television network that wanted to capitalize on Discovery’s genius but didn’t have the dollars for high-tech camera equipment or humongous steel cages to submerge in front of the sharks.

Instead, they bring us a YouTube video promoting “Animals Acting LIke Sharks Week,” which promises footage of “nature’s most violent puppy attack” and a battle between the ocean’s two greatest predators: orca vs. great white (i.e., a battle between black and white kittens).

Watch the terrifying-yet-cuddly-and-kind-of-cute video below:

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