‘Name your own price’ pet adoption successful

WASHINGTON – As part of its 2nd Annual Adopt-a-Thon, the Washington Animal Rescue League decided to let new owners name their own price when taking home a furry friend.

“I’m trying to persuade my aunt to get a dog,” says a young boy, first in line at the adoption event.

More than 150 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens in need of permanent homes were available for adoption at the Adopt-A-Thon from noon to 5 p.m. at Ogelthrope St. Northwest in D.C. Saturday.

The shelter waived the application fee for each animal, normally $50 to $250, as part of the special offer. All animals have been spayed and neutered and are up to date on their vaccinations, according to staffers.

Many were rescued from dangerous and unhealthy situations, says Matt Williams, communications director for the Washington Animal Rescue League. Some come from crowded shelters or puppy mills, Williams says.

It costs the shelter about $800 to bring in one animal, according to Williams, but the incentive will mean more pets finding homes. “The idea is to get as many people here to adopt as many of these animals as possible,” he says.

Tara Jackson was the first to complete the dog adoption process. She bought a 2- month-old hound mix. She is naming it “Calise” after a Game of Thrones character. Jackson arrived early to call dibbs on the puppy, “I woke up at 7 a.m. It’s like Christmas Eve. I’m so excited!”

Young Arabella Rathbone says she wants a kitty, “So I can snuggle in the night so I don’t get scared in the night.” If they adopt the kitten, Arabella says she wants to name hers “Marshmellow.”

Veterinarians and animal trainers were on-site to answer questions about pet ownership.

WTOP’s Jamie Forzato contributed to this report.

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