Adulthood taking longer to reach

Neal Augenstein,

WASHINGTON – The transition from child to adult has always been challenging, and it seems today that it’s taking longer.

Scientists recently coined the phrase “emerging adults” as a phase of human development for people between the ages of 18 and 29.

Researchers find young people making the change to adulthood often face anxiety during the process.

A new study of 1,029 people between 18 and 29 commissioned by Clark University in Worcester, Mass. found more than half of all participants say they often feel anxious. One third feel depressed, and and two-thirds believe life is full of uncertainty.

Yet, 82 percent remain hopeful, believing “it still seems like anything is possible,” according to USA TODAY.

Asked when they actually felt like an adult, only 16 percent of participants declared the milestone was college graduation.

Financial independence was the turning point for 30 percent of young adults in the survey.

Accepting responsibility for yourself and your decisions was the most important factor in becoming an adult for 36 percent of those polled.

Here’s how some people are answering the question: When do you feel you truly reached adulthood?

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