Want to smell like a super hero? There’s a scent for that

In this film image released by Disney, Chris Hemsworth portrays Thor, left, and and Chris Evans portrays Captain America in a scene from "The Avengers," expected to be released on May 4, 2012. (AP Photo/Disney, Zade Rosenthal)

WASHINGTON – Men’s cologne is very personal. It has to be just right.

And, for the man who wants to smell “super,” some new scents have just hit the market.

Hunt Valley-based JADS International is offering scents based on super heroes.

There’s Patriot Cologne based on Captain America, in case a worthy shield is needed to fight odor.

Feel like busting a move? Try Smash taken from the Hulk. Apparently, it’s sexy to be angry.

Don’t worry, women weren’t left out. Scarlett Johansson’s character in The Avengers, Black Widow, has a dangerous scent of her own.

There’s even a boxed set to celebrate the entire Avengers crew.

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