There’s no time like the future to buy a laptop

When Apple\'s iBac debuted in 1999, it was the height of advanced computer technology. Now the computer is obsolete. (Courtesy of University of Connecticut)

Michelle Basch,

WASHINGTON – Thinking about buying a laptop? There’s never been a worse time.

Whether you like Windows or Mac, you might want to hold off on buying. Laptops of all kinds are being overhauled, says gadget blog Gizmodo.

Loads of new Windows-based laptops are in the works. They’re expected to be thinner and quicker, and Windows 8 launches this fall.

In coming days, Apple is expected to unveil major changes to its MacBook Pro line.

Even if you’re looking for a current model, it would be smart to wait a little longer before you make a purchase. Prices are sure to drop once the new models come out, and you could save hundreds of dollars.

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