Avoid these top first date deal breakers

Having your cell phone out or texting was cited as the worst offense on a first date. (Thinkstock)

WASHINGTON – First dates are awkward enough without adding to the uncomfortable encounter by behaving poorly.

Thankfully, dating website HowAboutWe.com asked 100,000 singles what their first-date turnoffs are.

While every person is unique in their likes and dislikes, especially when it comes to dating, HowAboutWe members were asked to complete the following question: “For me, a first date no-no is…”

So while keeping a sense of personality is important, daters may want to consider avoiding these dating gaffes.

  1. Having your phone out or texting.
  2. Trying to have sex with your date on a first date.
  3. Talking about your ex.
  4. Being late. More than 15 minutes is just rude.
  5. Being rude to a server is a major red flag.
  6. Drinking too much.
  7. Splitting the bill or letting the woman pay.
  8. Talking about work.
  9. Talking about your mother.
  10. Talking about marriage on a first date is too soon.

Other first-date turnoffs:

  • Bad breath
  • Not tipping well
  • Talking about yourself
  • Being “fake”
  • Smoking

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