WTOP puts Ugly Meter to test (VIDEO)

WTOP's Neal Augenstein uses the Ugly Meter app and puts his vanity to the test. Check out the video.

Update: Neal demands a recount. To see what happens when he repeatedly uses the app, click through the updated photo gallery.

Neal Augenstein, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – Most of us hope others find us attractive.

Well, a new iPhone app called Ugly Meter claims “when your friends won’t tell you the truth, the Ugly Meter will.”

The app snaps a picture of your face using the built-in iPhone camera.

A British female voice talks you through measuring features of your face, to calculate contours, proportions and symmetry.

And then it judges you.

The Ugly Meter Pro, which costs $5, rated me at 46/100 and declares, “In other words, you are average.”

The app tells me what’s wrong with my face: “Your eyes are slightly too far apart. They are slightly too small for your head.”

So how did Brad Pitt rate, and how does Neal compare to the celeb? To find out, check out the photo gallery.

See how the app works. Neal found out the hard way that he did even worse when the video camera was rolling. Have a good laugh and watch the video.

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