Truth in advertising: Fig Newtons drops the ‘Fig’

WASHINGTON – It looks like Nabisco is taking the philosophy of “truth in advertising” to heart.

Since there are no figs in many Fig Newtons, they will no longer be called Fig Newtons. The new name for this old treat: Newtons.

Nabisco recently announced the decision as part of a new marketing campaign.

The cookie (or is it?) first debuted in 1891 and was originally described as a “Fig cake in its finest form.” But for decades, they have been available with other fillings, such as strawberry, says the New York Times.

The product has been known for somce colorful TV commericals, such as this 70s gem of actor James Harder dressed as a fig dancing to the song, “Is it good. Darn’ tootin’! Doin’ the big Fig Newton.”

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