How much are you spending for Mother’s Day?

Have you shopped around for a restaurant to take your mom to on Mother’s Day? What are you hearing in prices – anything outrageous? Do you think restaurants are taking advantage of the holiday and gouging you? Post a comment in this story, comment on WTOP’s Facebook Page or use #WTOPTalkback on Twitter.

David Burd,

WASHINGTON – Of all the Mother’s Day songs, you had to pick the John Lennon one.

I think it’s safe to say that we all love our mothers, and tomorrow is the day that we show how much we love her. Or that’s what the Hallmark people tell us.

Is it me, or is Mother’s Day turning into something like New Year’s Eve packages, where restaurants offer a Mother’s Day Champagne toast for $46.50, with a Mother’s Day gift included with every dinner package?

I have a couple of things I want answers to. What’s your budget for Mother’s Day? What do you plan on spending on her? What’s the total and how much of that is based on guilt?

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