Home remedies that can come in handy for Memorial Day weekend

That mustard on your hot dog could also help the pain you got when you burned yourself cooking it. (Thinkstock Photo)

WASHINGTON – Whether you burn yourself, get bit by a mosquito or just get motion sickness, there are a few weird home remedies that could help you this Memorial Day weekend.

These remedies come from Yahoo Health.

Mustard can help with any burns you might get while cooking hamburgers and hot dogs. The mustard can help relieve the pain and help prevent scarring and blistering.

Banana peels can actually help relieve the itch from a bug bite or poison ivy.

If you’re heading out on the water or get car sick — ginger can help with your motion sickness. You can use crystallized ginger, ginger tea, ginger syrup, capsules of ginger powder or even ginger ale or snaps. One study found that it worked better than anti-nausea medication.

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