D.C. 9th among worst places to own a car

This is going to add up. (WTOP/Dave Dildine)

WASHINGTON – Sitting in traffic can be frustrating, especially with all of the region’s traffic jams. But, congestion isn’t the only reason the D.C. area is on a list of the worst places to own a car.

The survey from Jalopnik finds D.C. is the ninth most tortuous place to try to keep a car. It justifies the ranking saying roads are confusing and seem to be designed to stop traffic. And, it’s survey finds nobody knows how to drive in D.C.

Topping the list is San Francisco because of parking costs. New York City is No. 2 because of tolls, delivery trucks and taxis. Miami has sprawl. Cars in Fresno, Calif. are most likely to get stolen. Boston has poor drivers and rough roads.

Here’s the list with a quick summary:

  1. San Francisco – parking costs, traffic
  2. New York – tolls, delivery trucks, taxix
  3. Miami – poorly organized roads, sprawl
  4. Fresno, Calif. – auto theft capital, even older cars
  5. Boston – poor drivers, rough roads
  6. New Orleans – sinking roads, flooding
  7. Chicago – parking prices, gas prices
  8. Hawaii – winding roads, heavy car and gas taxes
  9. D.C. – poor drivers, big traffic jams
  10. Austin, Texas – traveling across town takes a lot of time

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