Caps fans in N.Y. wonder what happened

D.C. fans in N.Y. confident of comeback

wtopstaff | November 14, 2014 7:05 am

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Brennan Haselton,

NEW YORK — Their team was just seconds away from victory, but Washington Capitals fans at Madison Square Garden Monday night were suddenly left wondering what had just happened.

Instead of celebrating in their red jerseys, it was New York Rangers fans who got to hoot, holler and gloat all the way out of the landmark midtown Manhattan building. The Rangers stunned the Caps, 3-2 in overtime.

But, despite the loss, that doesn’t mean many of the Caps faithful with whom WTOP talked at the Garden are giving up.

One group of women, all wearing Washington jerseys shouted, “We love our boys!” and gave no indication of having any doubt that the Capitals can win Game 6 back on home ice at Verizon Center Wednesday.

When asked what’s the key to winning that game, one Caps season ticket holder, while staring out at the nearly empty Garden, said, “Play the way they played Saturday (Game 4) in the first period. It’s the best period they’ve played in the playoffs. They need six more periods like that.”

A Capitals victory in D.C. on Wednesday would send the conference semi-finals.

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