Brawls breaks out at Lingerie Football League (Video)

Dave Johnson,

WASHINGTON – Sex, violence and American football all collided recently in Mexico City.

At the Lingerie Football League’s All-Star game in the Mexican capital, the two head coaches triggered a brawl. The coaches, Tony Nguyen and Chandler Brown, were upset over a kickoff that was ruled out of bounds.

The Lingerie Football League plays full contact football indoors on a 50-yard field with artificial turf. The players are scantily clad women with helmets and shoulder pads.

The Lingerer Football League decided to skip a regular season and instead stage exhibition games as part of what it is calling its “All Fantasy Tour.” A team called the Los Angeles Temptation is listed as the league’s defending champion.

Watch the brawl below. Warning: The language in this video may be offensive.

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