Snowden charged with marijuana possession

Heather Brady,

WASHINGTON – Carl Snowden, the civil rights director of the Maryland Attorney General’s Office, was charged with marijuana possession on Friday.

Court records show he was charged in Baltimore. The Annapolis Capital reports that Snowden was in a vehicle initially pulled over for a broken tail light.

The Capital quotes Cary Hansel, Snowden’s attorney, saying further investigation into this case will show that it’s a non-issue. Hansel said the marijuana found was only a trace amount.

According to state records, Snowden is scheduled for a court appearance in Baltimore on May 3.

Snowden was charged on 4/20, a day widely associated with the movement to legalize marijuana.

An attorney for Snowden, an Annapolis resident, announced this weekend that Snowden will be taking a sabbatical from his job to pursue a lawsuit against both Anne Arundel County and County Executive John Leopold.

Leopold was recently indicted for misconduct while in office.

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