‘Snackman’ calmly ends fight (VIDEO)

NEW YORK – He may not be able to leap subway trains in a single bound, but no problem is too large for “Snackman.”

A video of a man who calmly stepped between two people fighting on the New York subway is getting a lot of attention.

Editor’s note: The video below does contain some offensive language.

Charles Sonder, 24, was riding the subway on New York’s Lower East Side to go meet some friends in March. That’s when two fellow riders began fighting, with a young woman kicking a man.

Sonder, who was a Rhode Island state wrestling champion in high school, kept his cool and stepped between them, casually eating cheddar Pringles and a bag of Gummi-Bears.

Sonder’s mellow munching defused the situation.

Eitan Noy, who was on the train told The New York Times he’s seen plenty of subway outbursts. He says he and a friend were talking about intervening when Sonder stepped in. Another woman ordered the woman in the video to sit down and the man with whom she was fighting to get off the train.

Noy’s video on YouTube has been seen more than 1 million times.

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