Midnight Munchies: Late night snacks that can keep you up all night

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WASHINGTON – Having trouble sleeping through the night lately? It might be stress, or it could just as likely be your bedtime snack.

There are some-late-night munchies that seem innocent, but don’t exactly make for sweet dreams.

In general, avoid anything full of sugar right — like kid’s cereal — before you go to bed. We all know how sugary snacks can make our kids hyper. Well, they don’t exactly help adults either.

The worst of the sweets could be dark chocolate. There are studies that says it’s good for your heart, but it contains caffeine just like coffee and tea.

Celery is good for you too — but again, there is good reason to avoid it at bedtime. Celery is a natural diuretic. So if you want uninterrupted sleep without having to make a run to the bathroom, you might want to have a banana or an apple instead.

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