Md. woman remains silent on winning Mega Millions

WASHINGTON – Mum was the word Wednesday when the alleged winner of last week’s record breaking Mega Millions jackpot held a news conference in Baltimore.

Her attorney spoke to the media, but provided few answers about his client, Marlinde Wilson.

“I cannot say with any certainty that this ticket exists,” Edward Smith said.

Wilson kept quiet during the news conference.

Previously, the 37-year-old woman told the New York Post she stashed the ticket in a location only she knew about inside the McDonald’s where she works.

There were also reports that she bought the ticket with a group of coworkers.

Wilson claims to have purchased the winning ticket separately at a 7-Eleven in Baltimore County.

Smith pleaded with reporters to stop hounding his client so she and her family can resume their lives. She drove away in her old Honda sedan.

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