Hot girls have problems too, song reveals (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON – Sorry, Rebecca Black — there’s a new contender for worst song ever.

Drew Garrett and Lauren Willey are two teenage girls who have dubbed themselves Double Take and made a music video in the vein of Black’s “Friday.” Their song, “Hot Problems,” is about problems faced by hot girls, because apparently they have problems, too.


Here’s a sample lyric: “Boys call me stuck up, girls say I’m conceited, on behalf of all hot girls, those comments aren’t needed.”

And here’s the song:

Since being uploaded to YouTube on April 15, the girls’ video has garnered nearly 7 million page views, although it’s earned more than 342,000 dislikes compared to just 20,000 likes.

But was the whole thing simply done tongue-in-cheek? After their video went viral and earned its fair share of backlash, Willey and Garrett appeared on Good Morning America.

Among their revelations: They knew they couldn’t sing, they wanted something funny to show their friends and they don’t think they’re that hot.

Check out their GMA appearance below:

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