WTOP goes to the dogs at Super Pet Expo (VIDEO)

David Burd, wtop.com

CHANTILLY, Va. – One of the reasons WTOP sends me to the Super Pet Expo is because the station knows how much I love dogs. I’ve had up to four of them at once.

I love the pet expo. My mission was not to interview the humans that go to this event, but to interview the pets.

The big event of the expo were the pig and hot dog races. My money was on Jerry Swinefeld. I don’t think he won though. Lastly, the hot dog races were fun too. Buns were placed on the sides of the Daschunds — hence the name “hot dog races.”

If you have any kind of pet you’ll have to make time to go to the expo next year. What I found amazing was the fact that a lot of people I spoke with at the show were there so they could socialize their pets.

Below watch the hot dog and the pig races from the Super Pet Expo:

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