‘Woman cave’ offers sunny time alone

Luxury greenhouses, like this one by International Greenhouse Co., are growing in demand. (Courtesy of International Greenhouse Co.)

Neal Augenstein, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – It couldn’t be more different than the typical dark, isolated, technology-laden man cave.

Some women are choosing sunny, airy, luxury backyard greenhouses as their places to get-away.

Far from the plastic-draped greenhouses seen on some properties, greenhouses built of heavy aluminum and tempered glass are becoming more popular.

Adorned with plants, and quiet music, women can create their own oases.

“The sun is beating in, and it feels fabulous,” Alice Preyer of North Carolina tells The Wall Street Journal.

With the sunlight and warmth captured in the greenhouse, women are enjoying their caves even in winter months.

Most women caves include comfortable lounge chairs, tables and rugs — perfect for quiet reading, chatting or just thinking.

International Greenhouse Co. of Illinois, tells WSJ sales to homeowners are up about 30 percent from three years ago.

Harley Botanic Ltd. sells Victorian-style greenhouses, at an average price of $65,000.

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