Pricing change means prime time to buy an HDTV

WASHINGTON – The next few weeks may be a good time to buy that HDTV.

March and April typically mark the time when new television models come out and retailers mark down older models to move them out the door. But there’s another reason why now might be the best time to buy.

Consumer Reports says some major manufacturers are moving to a pricing policy on certain television models that would penalize retailers for selling them below a price set by the manufacturer.

The move means some stepped-up 2012 sets will have fixed prices, similar to how Apple and Bose products are sold at the same price point regardless of the retailer, according to Consumer Reports.

Samsung and Sony are expected to make the pricing switch April 1. To see which television models are likely to be affected, follow this link.

WTOP’s Michelle Basch contributed to this report. Follow Michelle and WTOP on Twitter.

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